About Us

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Community Alternatives for People with Autism (CAPA) is a private non-profit corporation dedicated to the development and maintenance of residential and employment support services for people with autism. The CAPA Board of Directors consists of volunteer parents, professionals, and community members. 

Long-Term Goals

CAPA intends to provide opportunities for each program participant to:

  • Establish and maintain close relationships with family, peers, and members of the community.
  • Develop a self-defined and positive quality of life.
  • Maintain optimal health.
  • Maintain personal security and safety.
  • Increase personal growth and competence.
  • Experience community integration.
  • Earn at least minimum wage.
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In all its supported living and supported employment services, CAPA will carry out all program activities and interactions with program participants with consideration for both their personal well-being and their legal rights by attempting to maintain an appropriate balance of protection and autonomy.